{Hearts} Craft Rooms

I have a really small place and and even smaller budget. However, in this small space I do have a craft room too. Which is awesome, except I wish I had the funds to deck it out like some of these;

Office/craft room by paulamw.

Found HERE. Credit: paulamw

My heart just screams STORAGE! And I am loving that colour on the wall.

Office/craft room by paulamw.

Founfd HERE. Credit: paulamw.

Oh for the love that is all things organized! My soul weeps. It’s that beautiful!

4 Responses to “{Hearts} Craft Rooms”
  1. Being Brazen says:

    I love all things organized too….I need soo much more storage space in my flat right now

  2. ms firefly says:

    i love that wall shelves! i need that wall shelves, i have so much crap to organize.

  3. Paula says:

    Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  4. maythird says:

    i love the last picture! it screams “finally some PEACE!”

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