{Hearts} Reading Nooks

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going in my tiny rental with two crazy Dachshunds and an even crazier boyfriend is dreaming. Dreams of huge windows in my future living room, loads of sunshine pouring into the house, decorating my space, and…reading nooks. One day I will own a house and I will have a reading nook.

reading nook by my sunset road.

Found: HERE. Credit: My Sunset Road.

Reading Nook by Yarnie Spinner.

Found: HERE. Credit: Yarnie Spinner.

reading nook by teabear!.

Found: HERE. Credit: teabear!

reading nook by merryjennifer.

Found: HERE. Credit: merryjennifer.

4 Responses to “{Hearts} Reading Nooks”
  1. carlinn says:

    Love reading and love reading nooks! in winter its my fave pastime to curl up on a chair with a cup of coffee and a good book overlooking a stormy ocean. hmmmmm bliss!

  2. evalys says:

    Omg! I so want to steal that owl mat in the first photo! =D And the huge basket so I can feel like a cat when I curl up in it and go to sleep…

  3. odette says:

    wow! coziness perfection!
    i wish i can make my home looking like that. sigh.

  4. incoherent says:

    Oh wow. I lurve the 3rd and last photo. I want either one in my own house someday.

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