When I was younger I used to cut pretty pictures from magazines and paste them into a battered old notebook. This blog will be like that. I wanted a place to have all the beautiful things that inspire me in one place, more specifically, crafts and decor.

I’m Jane and I’m 22. I live somewhere in South Africa with my boyfriend J and two Dachshunds, Lila and Rusty. A little broke most of the time, but a lot happy always.

From time to time you will also see beautiful crafty creations from Little Miss Firefly, who shares my love crafts and beautifully decorated homes.

Here’s a little about herself in her own words;

Hi and welcome here!
Crafting for me is when my heart and my hands work together to create something without rules, only what I feel is beautiful. I love to sew and knit and craft, and I take a lot of inspiration from all the crafty women on etsy. My style is a mix of vintage to whimsical to shabby chic, and I like a bit of clutter to inspire creativity. I love fireflies, shooting stars, ladybirds, swans, classic books, pink+purple, the peanuts gang, and being married to my husband. My husband and I are warm and cozy in our home here in rainy Dublin, but when it’s dry outside, we hop on our bicycles and enjoy Ireland’s beautiful nature.

You can also find us here

Jane’s personal blog
Jane’s twitter

Little Miss Firefly’s personal blog
Little Miss Firefly’s twitter


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