{Hearts} Reading Nooks

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going in my tiny rental with two crazy Dachshunds and an even crazier boyfriend is dreaming. Dreams of huge windows in my future living room, loads of sunshine pouring into the house, decorating my space, and…reading nooks. One day I will own a house and I will have … Continue reading

{Hearts} Craft Space

Found HERE. Credit: Skitzo Leezra.

{Hearts} Pincushions

Found HERE. Credit: CraftPudding. Tutorial HERE.

{Hearts} Lamps

Found HERE. Credit: shadethatlamp.   Found HERE. Credit: shadethatlamp.   Found HERE. Credit: Hannahnunn.   Found HERE. Credit: HomeSweet.

{Hearts} Craft Rooms

I have a really small place and and even smaller budget. However, in this small space I do have a craft room too. Which is awesome, except I wish I had the funds to deck it out like some of these; Found HERE. Credit: paulamw My heart just screams STORAGE! And I am loving that … Continue reading

{Hearts} Rock Scissor Paper

A while ago I discovered this great online shop. Take a look at this organic cotton tote…I wants! Found HERE. Credit: Rock Scissor Paper Shop.

{Hearts} Decorative Pillows

I like to trawl Etsy for pretty things. Lately I’ve been (just a little) obsessed with decorative pillows and these are just a few that caught my eye. Little modern birds by Chakrapennywhistle   Japanese Classic animals by MintDesign   Marie Antoinette Pillow by PacoandLupe

{Hearts} Pretty Bedrooms

I am loving the colour on that wall! The avo green accents on the bedspread is fantastic and I’ve always been a fan of dark wood furniture. Photo HERE. Credit: Supermariolxpt.

{Hearts} Macaroniandglue

Photo HERE. Credit: Macaroniandglue. Shops HERE and HERE.

{Hearts} Scrapbooking

We’ll kick this off with one of my favourite crafts – Scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking because it has no rules! No specific guidelines to adhere to. It’s everything and anything you want it to be. A while ago I put together a little photo booklet with pictures of my small family, and this is one … Continue reading