{Hearts} Inspiring Monday!

{Due to the time difference I’m posting this a day late! Apologies. – Jane} Hello there! Inspiring Monday this week loves pinks and blues. Enjoy! 1. kilsook 2. PearsonMaron 3. shirae 4. SharonMontrose 5. emiliefriday 6. Balanced And my favorite blog of the week is this lovely Scandinavian blog : Vingesus og Julebrus. Check out … Continue reading

{Hearts} Fabric Boxes

{This is the first post from my side kick – Miss Firefly. She’s amazingly creative, so I just know you’ll enjoy this blog posts and all future ones!} I’m usually off the computer on weekends, because my husband is home and as he takes over our mean machine, I get demoted to our trusty old laptop … Continue reading